Social Media Policies

In an effort to connect Colorado PERA with the greater community, facilitate conversations related to our mission, and provide a place where public service employees can interact, we are on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube

Here are a few usage guidelines that we request you adhere to, as well as more information about our privacy policy and contact information.


PERA does not use any of its social media channels to post private information and requests that any questions you may have pertaining to your specific benefits or account be directed to the department that can best serve you. Contact information can be found here.

Confidential member information should not be posted. Those who post personal information do so at their own risk and PERA is not responsible for any private information posted by social media users. PERA may remove postings that contain personally identifiable information, but is not liable for any damages caused by delays in such removal.

Content and Commenting Guidelines

PERA encourages comments that are on topic, but may delete comments and content deemed non-permissible, including but not limited to, comments, hyperlinks, and URLs that are:

  • Off subject or out of context
  • Threatening, harassing, defamatory, or discriminatory
  • Contain obscenities
  • Contain confidential or sensitive PERA information or confidential member information
  • Contain protected health information
  • Incite or promote violence or illegal activities
  • Advertise or promote a commercial product, service, entity, or individual
  • Contain copyright infringing material
  • Promote, endorse, or negatively comment on political campaigns, political parties, or candidates
  • Or are otherwise illegal or violate PERA policy

Comments and opinions posted by members of the public are theirs alone and do not represent the opinion of PERA.

Third Party Terms of Service

Portions of PERA’s social media channels are hosted by third parties with their own terms of service. In addition, these third-party websites may incorporate advertisements that PERA does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend.

Public Information and Records Retention

PERA’s social media channels may contain communications that are considered public records subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). CORA requests may not be made through PERA’s social media channels.

Response Time

PERA will review comments on its social media channels during regular business hours and periodically during non-business hours. Comments posted after hours or on weekends will be reviewed as early as possible, which may be the next business day.

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries should be directed to Laura Morsch-Babu, Director of Communications, at 303-837-6230 or

If you have any questions about PERA’s social media initiatives, please contact Kurt Sevits at