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  • Highest Average Salary
  • Benefit Tax Estimate
  • PERA Retirement Planner
  • Termination Options
  • Purchasing Service Credit-Employment Not Covered by PERA
  • Purchasing Service Credit-Refunded/Rolled Over PERA DB Account
  • Purchasing Service Credit-Effect on Benefit

You may use the following calculators without logging into your account:

How Much Can I Withdraw From My Account? Calculator

  • This calculator will help you estimate how much you can take monthly or annually from any retirement savings account you may have.

How Long Can I Withdraw My Account? Calculator

  • This calculator will help you estimate how long the money will last in any retirement savings accounts you may have.

Future Value of Investment Calculator

  • This calculator will help you estimate how much money will be in any of your retirement savings plans when you retire.

Tax Deferral Worksheet

  • If you participate in the PERAPlus 401(k) or 457 Plans, this calculator will help you determine how much you can save each year.

PERACare Retiree Premium Calculator

  • This calculator will help you determine monthly premiums amounts in the PERACare health benefits program available to PERA retirees.

Information About These Calculators

  • The results displayed are based on the information you enter into the calculator(s). PERA law will take precedence in any conflict between information you provide and the law.
  • Records will be audited prior to a formal calculation by PERA when you apply for a purchase, benefit, or a refund, and therefore the formal calculation by PERA may differ from the results estimated by the online calculators.
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the compounded annual rate of return that you expect to receive on your investments or savings. We suggest that you enter conservative expected rates of return.
  • The majority of these calculators do not apply taxes, and none of them project fluctuations in investment earnings.
  • Federal and/or state laws may specify limitations not contained in these calculations.