Investing for the Future

PERA Investment Stewardship

Stewardship is at the heart of PERA's mission to provide retirement security for our members while ensuring the sustainability of the Fund.

Our Approach

Colorado PERA's overall approach to investment stewardship is straightforward:

Seek out quality investments that are expected to provide the best risk-adjusted returns to PERA's portfolio over the long term. We break down this approach to financial sustainability into four parts.


PERA protects members' interests through cost-conscious investing

We offer members multiple low-cost options to invest their own retirement savings beyond the pension plan.

Lower Fees = More Savings

All-in Fee Decrease in PERA's 401(k) Plan
$60 million
Annual savings by managing assets
Total fund assets
managed in-house
Costs PERA less than 1%
of total assets

We use internal investment experts, where appropriate, to save money while adding value for our members.


PERA integrates financially relevant factors into our investment decisions

We consider a mosaic of dynamic risk and opportunity factors that can financially impact our investments.

No single risk factor dominates an investment decision

Risks are not without opportunity, and investors expect to be compensated for taking on risk

Regulation & Legislation Supply & Demand Technology & Innovation

We anticipate and react to market drivers.
We don't drive markets.

We exercise our right to vote on important matters that can affect a public company's long-term profitability and the investments we make on behalf of our members.

Learn more about the PERA Board's stance on various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters in its Proxy Voting Policy.

Proposals seeking ESG disclosure voted
in 2022
Proxy proposals
voted in 2022


PERA advocates for robust financial markets that benefit investors

We help safeguard the integrity of our members' retirement portfolios by encouraging stronger market integrity.


  • Markets that treat participants in a fair and equitable manner are beneficial to all long-term investors.
  • Aligned interests of companies and investors are paramount to company success in the long run.
  • As owners and creditors of a business, investors deserve robust and accurate information on financial and operational results.

We lend our expertise to finance industry councils to promote best practices in:

  • Market structure reform
  • Corporate governance
  • Investor education
  • Disclosure standards


PERA evaluates our portfolio and underlying exposures on an ongoing basis

We monitor the performance of our investments as we work to maximize risk-adjusted returns to the portfolio over the long-term.

$76 billion
Generated by PERA's investments over the past 30 years
Annualized 10-year return on PERA's investments
Annualized 5-year return on PERA's investments

See the full Investment Stewardship Report for more details on underlying exposures in the portfolio.